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#03127,  Beachfront plot in Iraklia,Cyclades

€ 290,000
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For sale
Beachfront plot with great investment potential in Iraklia island,Cyclades.

The land for sale , is 2000 m2 in livadi beach , the most beautiful , and popular beach in island , with clear and turquoise water , just 40m away from the sea , and is the first plot.

One can build up to 140sqm for private use and up to 600sqm for commercial or touristic use.The island has great potential as the tourism is increasing each year with more and more celebrities visiting every year.

For private use, it ensures to the owner a wonderful life , with rest , relaxation , fresh fish , sea , and sun.

So if anyone wants it for professional use , due to its location ( in front of the sea ) has guaranteed success , and has many professional options , some of which are :
1 Hotel - studios ( are necessary to meet the island accommodation needs )
2 Restaurant 
3 Bar 
4 Business with water sports
5 Can be used as a base , and make cruises to nearby islands are the small Cyclades , Paros , Naxos , Amorgos , Ios , Santorini , and Mykonos .
6 Can also respond to alternative tourism , since the island has trails for hiking cave , and diving in the plane wreck  of the second world war , and also fishing in the crystal blue waters , where you can fish even in the port .
7 Diving school
8 Organized camping